What is Marsy’s Law?

Marsy’s Law would ensure that victims have the same co-equal rights as the accused and convicted – nothing more, nothing less.

Victims' Stories

These are the stories of the Mississippians who are fighting for equal rights.

If any good can come of something this horrible - it is that these violent acts served as a catalyst for change.

Dr. Henry T. Nicholas, III Founder of Marsy's Law for All

Amending Mississippi’s constitution is no small matter, but enacting Marsy’s Law in Mississippi will help balance the scales of justice in Mississippi. That is why I decided to sponsor Marsy’s Law for Mississippi.

State Rep. Fred Shanks

We want to take care of citizens in any way possible, and Marsy’s Law is a way for us to do that.

Mayor Johnny Magee

We want to ensure that victims of crime are not let down by our justice system. My goal is to help Mississippi’s crime victims achieve both justice and restoration and to feel heard throughout the legal process.

Speaker Philip Gunn

The safety, dignity, and privacy of crime victims should undoubtedly be a constitutional right. Victims should certainly have equal protections as the accused and convicted.

Mayor George Flaggs, Jr.