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In 2007, my ex-husband broke into my home and stabbed me over 30 times in the presence of my two daughters. Although I have been left with limited use of my limbs and am now disabled, I was blessed.

After this incident, I was left to recover physically, mentally, and spiritually – a process that was made significantly more difficult as I navigated the court system and attempted to protect my family from my offender. He served less than ten years for his crimes and I was not given information on his whereabouts once he was released.

If Marsy’s Law for Mississippi had been in place back then, my story would have been different. My recovery would have included peace of mind. Under Marsy’s Law, my rights as a victim would have been enforceable, giving me a voice in the process and keeping me informed. Marsy’s Law would enshrine those rights in our state constitution. Because of what I’ve gone through, I feel obligated to speak out in support of stronger rights for crime victims in our state.

October marked Domestic Violence Awareness Month, but there is not a month that goes by that I am not reminded of the reality of domestic violence. Mississippi needs Marsy's Law. 

Funteller Hicks

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  • LeAnna Clay Crozier
    commented 2020-04-01 21:22:33 -0500
    I need help! My life has been awful this last year!There is so much to tell and say but don’t want to appear crazy and addled( nutty) ; the feeling I get when people and some local policemen in my small town look at me.
    Last August, the neighbors’ called 911 after hearing, “Please don’t kill me!”…as I ran down our gravel driveway and shortly lay trapped under his big, strong hands, clutched tightly around my neck,cutting off any air.
    Since then, my life has been a nightmare..a real one! So much to tell…while he hasn’t missed a beat; tried to press some ridiculous false charges against me,returned to his work, and even married someone on this past St.Patricks’ Day! I suffer PTSD, haven’t been able to return work, had to start over homeless..after teaching 19 years.Our court date is set for July sometime and lately I’ m seriously thinking about seeing how I can just let this whole thing go. The status I feel it has placed on my and my children is overwhelming and the fear of all of it- from retaliation on his part, thoughts of defamation of my character brought by his high dollar lawyer, and me not being strong enough or important enough to even be heard or matter.I feel hopeless, lost…I wish I could disappear..I don’t even have money to go hide anywhere! …help…
  • Gwendolyn kinman
    commented 2020-03-29 12:41:59 -0500
    My experiences with being a victim of crime not only left me silent, alone and further victimized but filled me with such pain and evil that threatened to destroy me and hurt others. I am still in recovery with that shadow in my life from that dark time
  • Gwendolyn kinman
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