Ishaunna's Story

Ishaunna Gully-Bettis was left completely paralyzed from the waist down after being shot in her spinal cord by her ex-boyfriend March 23, 2002. In the criminal justice system, she felt pressured and wasn’t given an opportunity to understand the process. Victims of crime deserve better.

A Voice for Victims

     Through her work as a Victim Advocate with The Shafer Center for Crisis Intervention in Hattiesburg and Laurel, Teressa Ellzey has seen firsthand how important having a voice is in the road to recovery. Through her important work, she supports victims through all phases of recovery, including hospital visits and navigating the court system. "I am a victim's advocate first and foremost," she says. "I am a voice not only for The Shafer Center, but for victims that can't or are not willing to speak out about sexual assault."
F. Hicks

Funteller's Story

In 2007, my ex-husband broke into my home and stabbed me over 30 times in the presence of my two daughters. Although I have been left with limited use of my limbs and am now disabled, I was blessed.